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➡️Part 1: Project Introduction.

Q1. Could you briefly introduce yourself as well as your project?
Hi 👋 Everyone, my name is Kelvin Emmra head of Communications and Partnerships at YOP.finance I am from Ghana in West Africa, a nurse by profession. I got so hooked on with the benefits and features of the blockchain technology and how it can impact our lives. I started off as a content creator for some projects, social media manager, I've done sales and also marketing for reputable marketing firms in the crypto sphere.

YOP simply means Yield Optimization Platform and Protocol. We are building a holistic application for the growing DeFi space that would smoothen out the access into the Defi even to the average Joe in this space. Our application would gives you total control and custody of your funds, insights into the defi market and the flexibility to maneuver within your portfolio all within one single application. So instead of having to deal with so many interfaces while accessing your yield farming and how they are doing you can just have a view of that within our app once we integrate them all in and with just a click of a button or a swipe 🤩

Q2. What makes the YOP project stand out more than the projects in the same direction at the moment?
We noticed in our comprehensive research that existing DeFi applications across the space have done a good job in setting the pace but we realized none of them provided crypto users a holistic solution. Moreover, most of the applications that we came across like Zerion, Frontier, Argent and most of these either have a poor UI, absence of fiat on ramp services or limited swap functionality.

Take a look at our five core products which are the Farmers Market, Swap DEX, YOP Wallet, My YOP (cuztomizable dashboard), Market Data and you would noticed that we got all the individual products that you would need in the DeFi space. You can read 🤓 further about our analysis over here.

Q3. What are the memorable milestones of YOP in the research and development process?
It's been quite a long journey since we launched in a stealth mode about 8 months ago during the intensive COVID times. However with a global and passionate founder spearheading this project we have been able to hold the forth and have achieved several Partnerships with top notch projects in this industry.

We started off with a blank sheet on our partnership page and now we have achieved this lot.

We have the backing from Pluto Digital Assets and also Pires Plc who took us through a strenuous vetting before giving us the nod in an a partnership deal
Is been a long journey and we are proud of what we have achieved so far!

Q4. What does YOP plan to do to attract more users in the upcoming time?
We are launching the beta version of our application today! and the entire community is very excited about it.

We are building this for crypto users and also making it easy for crypto starters to enter with less difficulty as well.

In view of this, we would form local communties to expand our horizon. We plan on building first a Turkish, Russian, and Chinese, Vietnamese communities.

We encourage anyone who has the skills in building and growing communities to join @yopfi and when the time is right we would onboard you all.

I’m addition, we would also connect with influencers to spread the news about YOP and it’s products
➡️Part 2: Question From Twitter (5 best questions).

Q1. What your plans in place for global expansion, are YOP focusing on only market at this time? Or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships? Can you explain this?
We're are tackling this on the two fronts.

First our developers are working around the clock to get the application up and running as soon as possible. V0 of the application is being released today. After this, our developers would continue building and integrating all the other features.

Secondly, the app is designed to be used by users, hence we are going out there, communities, groups telling them about the holistic solution we built for them and we know they would love to use our app.

We have hit top media outlets and continue to boost Marketing now that we have released the first version of the application.

Q2. Interoperability and Cross-crosschain operation seems to be the way to go in this space. Does YOP have plans in steering in this direction?
Absolutely, we have a tagline that says DeFi for everyone. Hence it would be limiting on us to stick our solution to only the Ethereum network. We have established bridges to Polygon and BSC already. We announced our plans on getting into Solana Network in the shortest possible time. We plan on bridging into some of the famous blockchain networks I'm due time. Polkadot etc.

Q3. Tokens from all projects have main utility & practical goals! So can you tell us what the main role of YOP is in your ecosystem? Explain the utility & use cases in the real world?
Our application is run by the YOP token which is a deflationary token structure that allows users to connect with all the integrated Defi protocols, earn rewards, stake and also participate in governance. The YOP Token collects fees (from in app operations esp. premium services) and then distributes them to token holders of a specific token age. We would also implement a buy back and burn mechanism to provide a hedge of support to the token even in the harhsest volatile market 😉.

$YOP is the native token within our ecosystem and our YOP vault will allow us to set up farming pairs with other projects to create a more inclusive DeFi environment.

$YOP will be used as as the payment method for some premium services within the application.

Q4. too many projects promising bright hopes for the future. but never released a product that worked or proved any revenue, can you tell us, What makes the yopfi Token different from other projects?
That's true and I have been a witness to this during the 2017 era when we had so many projects turned out to become white elephant.

Well, this is not the case of YOP. After several months of production and developing, today we are releasing the first version of our App and this shows our seriousness in building.

All these partnerships would never have been secured if these other projects did not see anything being built.

We welcome everyone to join our community hangout today @yopfi whiles we unveil the App 🥳

Q5. Security is always first priority for user and for a project should be. The code is open source but have you done an audit officially via any third party?
With all the series of hacking popping up every now and then we can never compromise on security.

Yes, we have all our audits done by SmartDec. This is a security firm who has been in operation for about a decade now so yeah, they got their hands ready to iron out the work of our developers even before they come out
➡️Part 3: Free asking (5 best questions)

Q1: @BobbyeReynolds
Hello @kemmra I have a question how do you plan to attract users, incentivize them in the early stages of deployment?
Yes and we are doing that through our YOP Diplomat Program. We open the doors to designers, artists and content creators to come forth and shoe your skills. You will be rewarded I'm $YOP!

Q2: @BobbyeReynolds
Hello @kemmra I have a question Can you list some of the features with which you are most confident about your platform? How can you advertise your project worldwide and make it popular?
Hi Alice, below are our five core products and if you take a good look at these you would notice we ha e everything you need, right from accessing the market, earning and swapping your rewards.

Q3: @BobbyBroyles
All project coins have their main Utilities & real-life usecase! So, Can you tell us what are the main role of your coin in your ecosystem? Explain it's Utilities & Real-Life usecases? and Why should i invest in your coin for long term?
$YOP will be used to access premium services in our platform and also within our protocol as well

Q4: @mimsks
Currently from where i can buy $YOP? Is it possible that I can get $YOP only by holding it?
YOP is listed officially on gate.io, uniswap, Kucoin and many more to come

Q5: @cr7ronaldocristianocr7
Most DeFi projects especially those ones offering yield farming are driven up by hype and scarcity, so when the hype dies the project dies. What's the key to sustaining Your Project yield farming ?
This is a clear observation. YOP is backed by two huge supporters, VC and a traditional firm listed in London Stock Exchange. We are not emerging into this space based on hype but by growth and development.
Once we launch our launchpad we would be hosting several projects that our VC Pluto Digital Assets incubate and also supports. So yeah, its a long journey and everyone is welcome to be a part of it




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