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🕖AMA Timing : 15th March 1PM UTC | 8 PM (GMT +7)
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➡️Segment 1: Project Introduction.

MCK ở Circle K:
Could you briefly introduce about yourselves as well as your project?

Chloé Bigot (Polkally CEO):
I think I’ve already answered this question

Except if you’re looking for more details

MCK ở Circle K:
What makes the Polkally project stand out more than the projects in the same direction at the moment?

Chloé Bigot (Polkally CEO):
I think that our biggest advantage is the interoperability and the ease of use we have in mind

Making NFTs interoperable through different blockchain networks is something amazing

Most of the NFT Marketplaces are not seamless enough

The user experience sucks and the GAS fee is killing the retailers (i.e. small investors)

Polkadot is such a groundbreaking tech in the space, being able to benefit from their sharding infrastructure is a bless

MCK ở Circle K:
What does Polkally plan to do to attract more users in the upcoming time?

Chloé Bigot (Polkally CEO):
I think that the best way to do so is to onboard influencers

Not only influencers but all the people who can actively help us through word of mouth

We’re also thinking about some TV ads, since our final goal is to be as mainstream as possible

We’re not really targeting crypto investors

We really want to bring NFTs tobecause of a small mistake so we dont have part 2 — twitter, we will go to part 3 — live questions the mass

But of course, we will keep participating to AMAs, buy CoinGecko ads, etc. → all the steps who could help us in order to make our token as much valuable as possible, since we need an healthy ecosystem

You can’t have an healthy ecosystem if your token is not liquid enough

That’s why we decided to implement early protocols such as staking or yield farming

We are in touch with a few projects (like Ferrum) so staking and yield-farming might be available as soon as our TGE is over

MCK ở Circle K:
Who are some business partner/clients for Polkally?

Chloé Bigot (Polkally CEO):
We are in touch with several blockchain companies, the idea is to propose them to create (by ourselves) a collection of exclusive NFTs related to their project

More information will be available when our platform goes live :)

because of a small mistake so we dont have part 2 — twitter, we will go to part 3 — live questions

➡️Segment 3: Free asking (5 best questions)

Q1: @Vinhz72
If am right, Polkally runs a commission free NFT market place. With this in mind, how do you generate profit to run your buisness. What is your buisness/revenue model?

The system is similar to any social network (with exceptions like LinkedIn, which has premium packages)

Using the platform will be 100% free

But we will have an advertising protocol that will allow (in exchange for Polkally Tokens) people to promote their NFTs

Q2: @hoang_toan
Why did you choose the project called Polkally? Where do you get inspiration from?

Funny question haha
That’s just a mix between “polkadot” and “gallery” (like art galleries)

Polkagalleries was way too long as a word

That’s why we turned it into “Polkally”

Sounds way better

Q3: @Hoaz_8q9
With the ongoing Covid19 pandemic that made many people jobless and movements are restricted, how did this affect the Polkally Platform roadmap and plans?

It doesn’t impact us at all

The crypto market is currently on fire

Thanks to the current bullrun, we’ve been able to fundraise around 150k USD so far

And we’re looking to raise up to 850k USD before the end of the month

Our Private Sale is currently open


Here’s the link if you are interested :)

Q4: @Tony_indo1
Regulation is very important. Many projects were closed in many countries due to failure to use the correct regulations and permits. In order to go global how does the Polkally team deal with these issues?

Compliancy is really important, especially when it deals with artworks

The art market is imposing (several trillion dollars) but is very illiquid


Protecting, preserving and selling a artworks takes time, costs money and requires a lot of paperwork

Our collection of NFTs backed by real artworks should fix at least one of those three problems, which is transfer of ownership

Q5: @hoang_toan
Contract security is a big issue in DeFi. Has your smart contract been audited? How do you ensure the protection of users’ money so that users feel safe?

We are in touch with a few auditing companies, such as Certik

All our smart contracts will be reviewed by their developers

In exchange for a fee of course

We do not have a direct partnership with them, we’re just customers

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