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➡️Part 1: Project Introduction.
Q1: Can you Introduce about OASIS?
OASIS is the world's first metaverse construction game. It represents the hope of the human spiritual world at this stage when the human spiritual world is extremely scarce.

Q2. The background of the name
Just like the OASIS of "Ready Player One", we need to create a parallel virtual world, so that everyone who is not satisfied with the real world can live for their dreams again in this created virtual world. OASIS represents hope and rebirth.

Q3. The reason for changing the name?
"Planet Of Cities" will make everyone focus on urban construction. However, we believe that human’s dream should not be limited to the world we can see now, but should be the universe we have not explored or even surpass the universe. " Planet Of Cities" can no longer satisfy our positioning for this project, it should represent a more boundless imagination. So the project was renamed "OASIS".

Q4. Introduction of existing gameplay
Before the game goes online, NFT buildings, such as factories, office builddings and houses, will be sold in the form of Genesis Box. All players have the opportunity to extract the building NFT with great appreciation value. After the game goes online, all buildings need material synthesis.

Factory owners in the game are like real-world suppliers. After players own factories, they produce materials for players all over the world. The price of materials is completely determined by market supply and demand, which is a free market economy.

Players buy materials to synthesize building NFT and obtain rental income. For example, in the real world, when enough building materials are prepared, the construction can be carried out, and the income generated can be realized, and more houses can be built to obtain more income.

Smart OASISers can choose consecutive plots, which will have higher income bonus.

If they can't afford a house, they can also hire "thieves" to "steal" the income of rich people. "Stealing" succeeds or fails. If it fails, you can choose to settle down or be taken away and put in the police station for three days.

Building owners can hire multiple policemen to patrol, and the more policemen, the higher the success rate of defense.

Every city has its own landmarks, which are only rented but not sold. Landmarks are decided by auction. Players with more landmarks can not only get a bonus of income, but also participate in the mayoral election. The mayor can get the percentage of the income of all players in each city.

Q5. Why are these games the most unusual and what are the
special features?
Different from traditional card and pet fighting games, you can locate your true identity in this game, not a pet or a character that didn't exist.

It is a real world, in which you play games through your mind and exchange more profits through your investment choices. You can also steal profits through your time. A virtual reality entertainment chain tour that combines entertainment, investment and probability.

Reality is called life, and games are called entertainment. Real work makes money, games and entertainment make money. Play to earn is different from reality and connected with reality, this is its unique charm!

Q6. Introduction of economic model
FUC is an "OASIS" pass certificate, and its distribution mechanism is as follows:
Total 210 million pieces
5% private equity
5% technology
10% foundation
20% ecological construction
60% games (7 periods are released, each period lasts for 3 months. 5%, 10%, 20%, 25%, 20%, 15%, 5%)

Destruction mechanism: The number of tokens in circulation will eventually deflate to 21 million.
In the game, players use to upgrade and repair all FUC consumed by materials through purchase, and destroy 100%.
All the 5% handling fees paid by players to withdraw coins are destroyed.
All the 3% handling fees charged for Swap pool transactions are destroyed.
100% of the commission that players forget to collect in the game will be destroyed.
The Foundation regularly destroys it at 1% of the total transaction fee on the whole network chain.

The player building NFT represents its corresponding capacity, and determines the percentage of bonus tokens that individual players receive for the entire project.

Q7. Why is it set like this?
Many games will end because of economic models. The design of OASIS is different from other games. In order to get more coins, players will move from lying flat, and the repair and upgrade mechanism of buildings will also promote the consumption of tokens, which is a perfect virtuous circle. The project will not cause inflation because the more players produce, but will stimulate the entertainment enthusiasm of new and old players, help OASIS gain more players and expand more game ecology.

Q8. The possibility of currency price in the future?
The team doesn't have many coins in its hand, and all these coins will be put into ecology and game update iteration. Game assets are almost all in the hands of users and ecological scenes. And we have adopted a very tough deflation mechanism. We will destroy FUC wherever it can be used, and the foundation will regularly destroy the coins in its hands in proportion to the games. With more and more players and all kinds of ecology landing in an all-round way, the currency price is likely to reach 50 times and 100 times within six months.

Q9. What is the roadmap for 2022?
About this, we have a very clear plan.

In 2022
On January 13 Start the airdrop
On January 20 Start the first round of Private equity
On January 25 Start the second round of Private equity
On February 4, Start the third round of Private equity
On February 8, Start to sell Genesis Mystery BOX
On February 10 The official website of Metaverse Concept will be online.
In mid-February OASIS will be online ,and the FUC will be listed on Pancake Swap
At the end of February Three ecology will land, listing FUC on MEXC and Gate
At the end of March Open the ecology of games within games
At the end of April Open the commercial functional NFT buildings
At the end of May The second NFT game will be online
At the end of August The third NFT game will be online
At the end of October The 3D version will be released, Metaverse's advertising space will be open
In November Open Players' Self-Modeling
At the end of December Launch the main network of FUC public chain

In 2023
In January The public chain will open to game manufacturers for cooperation
At the end of March The VR version will be available
At the end of June The cross-chain NFT trading mall will be online
At the end of December There will be an immersive first-person version

Q10. Can you give us a detailed plan for private placement?
Price: $0.075→$0.1→$0.15
Quota: FUC accounting for 4.5% of the total
Release time: 20% in February 2022, 10%
Single account upper limit: $500-$5000
The sooner you enter the market, the higher the profit. Our private placement price is currently $0.075. Soon it will rise to $0.1, $0.15.The issue price is definitely above $0.2
Join PE here: https://pe.oasismeta.io
There are three rounds of Private Equity, follow us on twitter for more details

Q11. I saw that you mentioned the Mystery Box when you
explained the plan just now. For those who are concerned
about NFT, the Mystery Box may be the favorite. What is the
release plan of the Mystery Box?
We will start selling the Mystery Box on our official website on February 8. The price is 1000 FUC. This time, the "Genesis Mystery Box" will put a lot of high-value NFT buildings, from basic houses to gigafactories, Mystery Box. The highest value in the box is $6,400, and the lowest value is $200.

Q12. What's the next plan?
First: Plan to have 200,000 registered players in three months and 1 million registered players in six months.

Second: OASIS will be listed on major exchanges around the world in three stages before June.

Finally, OASIS will be released simultaneously in dozens of countries around the world, including Singapore, North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Asia. 1,000 global AMAs will be held, millions of overseas influencers will help, and hundreds of media around the world will promote OASIS, so stay tuned!

➡️Part 2: Free asking (5 best questions)
Q1: @Heidy_billings
Is your platform a global or is there any restriction to certain regions?
Of course, our project is global and OASIS welcomes all players worldwide.

Q2: @ClemenciaCrockett
Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progresses and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project?
Far from enough, our goal is to bring the best metaverse to every OASISer.

Q3: @raju55555588bb
Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?
Of course, here is our link
Telegram: https://t.me/OASISMeta_io
Website: https://oasismeta.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OASISMeta_io
Play Now: https://play.oasismeta.io
PE: https://pe.oasismeta.io

Q4: @yangnika
Can you explain, which one is your top priority? Security, Product, Partnership, or Token price?
Our priority is to bring the best games to players around the world

Q5: @AlexanderWeaver
I am interested to invest in your project. When and where can I buy your tokens? Is it already listed exchanges?
We are currently open for private equity, and will be listed on pancakeswap in February. You can participate in our private equity first and become a holder of FUC.