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➡️Part 1: Project Introduction.
Q1: Can you briefly introduce what META STRIKE is? What is its goal and what is it intended to do in this industry?
Metastrike is a first-person shooter blockchain game project

Metastrike has features and gameplay inspired by famous shooting games in the world such as CSGO or Call of Duty, in addition, Metastrike also has integrated virtual reality features with VR experience

And of course like blockchain games, Metastrike players will have the opportunity to profit from playing the game (Play-to-Earn)

You can watch the trailer for Metastrike here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ6WboMpFEg

In short, one can imagine that when playing Metastrike, people will have a great gaming experience like Counter Strikes, but even more amazing is that the time people spend playing the game can provide an opportunity to earn income. again

For the Metastrike team, the project can be said to be a big step for the P2E industry, and can encourage FPS gamers to access the P2E gaming world.

The goal and mission of Metastrike is to bring AAA-quality blockchain FPS game products, and become the leading project in building a common Metaverse world for FPS games.

Q2: What made you/your team decide to start developing META STRIKE??
The idea to start Metastrike started when the founder team worked with Decentraland in 2019

At that time, the team realized that the weakness of traditional games was the lack of earning factor and the ability to actually own in-game items.

As for other blockchain game products like Decentraland & Axie Infinity, the initial cost to be able to start playing the game is quite large.

In addition, most of the games have a very simple way of playing, not creating excitement, attraction and good experience for players.

This comes from blockchain game teams having limited experience in building games, or limited project development time.

That's why the Metastrike team was determined to create Metastrike to bring the best of 2 Traditional Game Worlds and Blockchain games together in one product: (1) AAA Gameplay + (2) Earning ability & property ownership Products

We chose the FPS series because FPS has always owned the strongest gaming community for the past 2 decades

Q3: Currently, there are many scam projects that make investors lose their money. So, Why should we choose and trust META STRIKE?
First of all, I am also very sad when recently there have been consecutive scam projects, causing great damage to players/investors.

actually when looking at these projects, people can see some things in common:
- The product is very simple -> The project team can make the game very quickly -> Not long-term
- The project team does not disclose its identity. And not transparent in information.
- The long-term development vision is not clear because the revenue model is not effective / does not exist

For Metastrike, the community can rest assured because

- Firstly, Metastrike game products are heavily invested in gameplay and graphics. The cost & time to make the product is very large. It took us more than 1 year to make the game and just released the Alpha version --> In the next week, we will hold a livestream to test this alpha version for the community to admire the gameplay: https://twitter.com/MetastrikeHQ/status/1480087945243545600?s=20

- Second, all information about the project is clear and transparent on the project's website: Metastrike.io

The community can view specific information about the project, roadmap, and even Linkedin of each project member.

We are also sponsored by reputable investors

- Third, Metastrike's growth potential and revenue model is very clear. You probably already know that FPS games (like the hit CSGO game, for example) earn huge revenue from collecting fees, selling game items, organizing tournaments, exploiting advertising benefits/ communication in the game... Thereby the project will have a healthy cash flow for development, not following the ponzi model (multi-level)

➡️Part 2: Question From Twitter (5 best questions).
Q1: @XyXy9466
Community support is one of the biggest aspects of the project's success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Does META STRIKE have any special plans to engage and expand the community and improve the user experience?
I'm sure the community will be very important, especially for competitive, team-based games like FPS

In terms of products, we will always have policies to listen to players' opinions & feedback, thereby perfecting the product in the best direction for the community & the project.

In terms of communication, marketing, we are actively working with Game Guilds, and will have Ambassador programs for project lovers... Also, we are already working on titles strong community (most recently Cryowar) for plans to launch exciting collab events in the game...

And it is indispensable to organize big tournaments for the community to satisfy the joy of competition, and the connection of the community.

Q2: @BanNOyME
Inflation is a concern of many projects, how will MetaStrike handle this problem?
Metastrike has planned to deal with the problem of inflation using a 2-token model

1 Governance tokens is $MTS in parallel with the reward token in the game is $MTT

Both of these tokens will have many applications

While $MTS has a finite amount to avoid natural inflation from the supply, $MTT does not limit the supply but is the token needed to spend most of the activities in the game. And for every $MTT consumption activity in the game, 90% of the $MTT will be burned forever, only 10% is kept to put in the reward pool (week/month or tournament) of the game —> from there reduce the risk of inflation

You can see more about the use cases of $MTS and $MTT at the project litepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aymc0QTPSjqPIeRLqUIjWLuX7iusGK6L/view?usp=drivesdk

Q3: @gang74930784
Can you explain how your Tokenomics are distributed?
Regarding tokenomics, I send this picture to summarize in detail:

You can read more carefully at item 5 in Litepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aymc0QTPSjqPIeRLqUIjWLuX7iusGK6L/view

Q4: @shintitt
Can you explain your partnership, who your partner is and the plans for a future partner?
First of all, I have to thank the Metastrike partners. Thanks to the help of partners, Metastrike has achieved some important achievements such as having nearly 150k followers on social networking platforms.

Currently Metastrike is getting help from GD10 in leading investors in the Seed round. Together with Lavender Capital, they had very valuable advice for themselves to do Marketing for the project, as well as receive referrals to other prestigious funds.

X21, Exnetwork, OIG, Jump capital, GAINS.... also help Metastrike a lot in bringing the project to the gaming communities around the World.

Game guilds like Good Games Guilds, network games like Rainmaker Gaming, or game projects like Cryowar... have brought the Metastrike image to the gaming community in a very impressive and attractive way.

You can see a list of Metastrike partners on the website: Metastrike.io

Q5: @KakotiC
Projects that are not traded on major exchanges remain unnoticed. What do you think about listing tokens on top exchanges?
It must be affirmed that being listed on major exchanges helps the project to be known by many people & is also a way of guaranteeing the safety of the project.

So Metastrike will definitely make the plan to list on major exchanges

You can follow Metastrike’s official communication channels to receive notifications about $MTS’s listing schedule: https://linktr.ee/metastrik

➡️Part 3: Free asking (5 best questions)
Q1: @phuongharkins68
How the project chooses the backer? Does the project have any criteria to choose its backer and partner?
Metastrike selects backers/partners based on the long-term value that partners can bring in developing Metastrike. We also look at shared values to determine if a partner is right for the Mission/Vision we want with Metastrike.

Q2: @Simona_West_98
How are NFT items purchased and sold?
NFT items will be bought and sold at Metastrike's marketplace. According to the roadmap, the marketplace will be opened in Q1 2022. The first NFT sale will also be held in Q1/2022

Q3: @orvillerawls40
Will the game be released on App or Desktop?
As an AAA game, the best and best experience will be on the desktop for sure. Therefore, we will release the desktop version first. However, since Metastrike is aimed at the masses, we are also planning to develop custom versions or modes so that more people can play Metastrike.

Q4: @ElinoreBagwell
Do you have AUDIT certificate or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?
Metastrike worked with 2 independent smart contracts audit companies of the project. We were paid the results and everything was very good. We will announce the results to the community soon!

Q5: @phuongharkins68
Where can I get all the latest news about? Do you have a Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here as there are a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups?
Currently there are many fake Metastrike projects. We recommend you to follow only the official channels listed here: https://linktr.ee/metastrik
Also, always be on the lookout and double check if a group has just added you before doing any transaction/wallet sharing!