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➡️Part 1: Project Introduction.
Q1. Could you briefly introduce yourself as well as your project?
Hello, everyone, I’m JONY, from the KOI.BIO team, responsible for coordinating operations

KOI is a very distinctive cross-chain NFT collection. It is currently based on the BSC chain. Polygon will soon be deployed across the chain. KOI takes into account the attributes of game play and the function of mortgage mining, and also has decentralized auction transactions. Circulation attributes

Q2. What makes the KOI.BIO project stand out more than the projects in the same direction at the moment?
At present, the biggest feature of KOI is that in addition to the basic attributes of NFT's collection transaction value, it has innovated the more stable and long-term mortgage mining gameplay of NFT, and broke the mechanism of DeFi mining in the existing market that easily enters the death spiral. Of course The advantage of this new mining gameplay has not yet been felt by users, but as more users enter, its value advantage will gradually appear. Since KOI NFT mining is an original new mining mechanism, some mechanism details are not enough. Friendly. In the upcoming V2 version, the handling fee will be further reduced, the card mining logic will become simpler, and the interactive experience will become more friendly.

Q3. What are the memorable milestones of KOI.BIO in the research and development process?
The most memorable thing in the development process of our KOI team is that the numerical logic design developed in NFT has made a major breakthrough, and created the KOI equity contract token of LKOI. You can learn about LKOI through the KOI strategy.

This is our strategy,

➡️Part 2: Question From Twitter (5 best questions).
Q1: @basCLU2
Can you please tell me a little more about the KOI.BIO management team and some of their background? Personally, I've seen many projects kicked off with inexperienced team members and some of them not going well due to avoidable mistakes?
The KOI team is a relatively senior R&D team. At present, KOI’s contract codes are all natively developed. The core members of the team started NFT R&D and design in 2018. The KOI products seen today are some models accumulated in 2018. Of course, When transforming the BSC chain, we also encountered some problems and BUGs in the R&D process, but they were all corrected smoothly. There are still some challenges. Our team has been carefully polishing and upgrading products behind the scenes, but the contract security issues, The technical team is very rigorous. It seems to the outside world that KOI's R&D progress is a bit slow. This is the reason behind it.

Q2: @captain_boeing5
In addition to the AMAs and other marketing features, in what other ways is KOI.BIO aiming to further promote its services, and how will KOI.BIO engage its vibrant and growing community, making it part of this great promotional campaign?
KOI marketing announcements must also carry out NFT navigation platform announcements, third-party NFT trading platform alliances, development of KOL opinion leader mechanisms, and strengthening of KOI's decentralized nodes and other marketing mechanisms to grow the KOI community

Q3: @fanflashnonone
How does the team perceive retail investors KOI.BIO token holders? Where do you see value in ‘us’ and what could we do to support your work most effectively?
In fact, for a project, the increase in retail investors is the value foundation of the entire project. The more retail investors, the deeper the transaction depth of the project, the higher the value and the greater the spread effect. I hope everyone will join the KOI community and become One of us. Everyone holds a KOI NFT, and then spread it to interested friends. This is of course our wish.

Q4: @mnh_390
Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like your?
Behind us are a group of early blockchain developers and cryptocurrency believers. After many years of ups and downs in cryptocurrency and blockchain, this industry is full of a lot of fraud, early cryptocurrency and blockchain Most of them are focused on excessive hype of "air currency", but we reflect on the value of our team, we need to find a direction that really has the application of cryptocurrency, so in 2018 we tried in the field of NFT,

The reason why we choose Koi is because Koi is a representative of the high-end pet market in the real world, and there are many super enthusiasts.

They have collected a lot of koi carps ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

All real-world koi is a natural high-value collection, it represents a symbol of wealth, especially in Asia

We want to build KOI's NFT wealth meta-universe

Q5: @IaachanQ
Now have many super hackers so security, scalability, and data privacy are three aspects that are very important at enterprize level, how KOI.BIO foundation handle these issues??
The KOI technical team conducts contract development and deployment from the following aspects,

1. Security:
1) Keep in mind that the data on the chain is transparent, and private data is encrypted on the chain
2) Reasonably use keywords to set the visible range of state variables and functions
3) Function calls need to verify account permissions and variable boundaries
4) The contract code ensures refinement and modularity
5) Use security tools to verify the security of smart contracts

2. Scalability
1) Adopt the classic three-tier architecture, separate logic and data
2) General tool or module extraction
3) Object-oriented, single responsibility model
4) Reuse mature libraries
5) Properly reserve free fields

3. Privacy
All KOI's core data is encrypted on the chain, and contracts that are shot to privacy will not be open sourced to ensure data privacy

➡️Part 3: Free asking (5 best questions)
Q1: @kkkkkaaakkkk
Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?
We can only prove by our development progress and time

Q2: @kkkkkaaakkkk
Have You being audited? Have not heard you talk about that security of fund is what every investor craves for and plans to escape incase of insecurity if funds, scams and rug pulls how strongly built are your security put in place?💙
We can only prove by our development progress and time

Q3: @dmaylo
Current NFT is a hot topic, but are NFT not just for art. Does your project think that more real world use cases will emerge for NFTs as time goes on, why should we take NFTs seriously?
In addition to the collection value, we will also extend more game attributes to attract a large number of players to participate, so it will become very interesting. Of course, combined with our LKOI, there will be more future value expectations.

Q4: @Hamoo328
What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market? In contrast what is your weakness? How do you plan to overcome it?❤️💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🔥🔥
Nearly 80% of investors only focus, on short-term token price instead of understanding, the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivations, and benefits for investors to hold your tokens in the long term?
We have the ability to continuously iterate and innovate, and we can make KOI more valuable if we take care of our operational efficiency.

Q5: @feraun2021
How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels including local communities where users, can get the latest updates?,
We also attach great importance to the Vietnam region, and our update progress will be regularly announced in advance in the Vietnam group.



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