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➡️Part 1: Project Introduction.
Q1. Could you briefly introduce yourself as well as your project?
Hi I’m Yuki from Halo labs. I’m working in this industry about 5 years’ time. With my expertise in the fields of Bitcoin or Blockchain based technology, associating with the different African Governments in order to secure the pilot projects for public infrastructure development.

Q2. What makes the HALO Network project stand out more than the projects in the same direction at the moment?
Halo Infinite Financial System (HALO Network) is an efficient blockchain network system. Based on the open-source protocol of Ethereum, HALO Labs has made a lot of improvements and expansions. A new protocol, HALO Netwok, has been redefined to realize the great potential in the global decentralized financial system.

The HALO Network has revolutionized and made major innovations in the consensus mechanism, Smart Contract and the HALO HUB in the base layer.

Q3. What are the memorable milestones of HALO Network in the research and development process?
I think you can refer this

Q4. What does HALO Network plan to do to attract more users in the upcoming time?
Halo Network is the mainnet.What we must do is keep expanding our ecosystem

➡️Part 2: Question From Twitter (5 best questions).

Q1. What are the key milestones on your roadmap — both things you have already achieved and things that we can look forward to? Any partnerships and short/long term technical milestones that you want to talk about or bring some attention to?
We just go live on 19April and start the Genesis Event ..Currently we have total 1328.37 ETH committed to HO and total 8,491transacions ..I think this is a good news to us?Now we just want more participants to attend our Genesis event and will complete it as soon as possible

Q2. Vast majority of Crypto projects are built just for the sole purpose of amassing wealth for themselves. So, I want to know the value you aim to add to crypto industry that will bring greater abundance to the industry?
The HALO Network has revolutionized and made major innovations in the consensus mechanism, Smart Contract, and the HALO HUB in the base layer. The improvement in the base layer allows the system to be better, more efficient and achieve low-cost transaction structure for all traditional financial tools when integrated with the HALO Network. The HALO Network has created an integrated suite of DEFI’s tools at the application level and related supporting tools to integrate all traditional financial tools on the platform.

Q3. Could you please tell me just a little more about the team and some of their backgrounds? I have personally seen many projects launch with inexperienced team members, and some of those didn’t go so well due to easily avoidable mistakes.
Halo Network under HALO Labs . This project spend about 10months and has made a lot of improvements and expansions.

Currently invested by 2 VCs.LunexVC and Qualgro

Our team have about 30+ employees and our mission is Illuminate the Infinity of Blockchain

Huydang 0309, [06.05.21 17:20]
Q4. HALO Network is now live and I’ve heard that you will also launching your HALO Genesis Event today. So can you explain in details what is HALO Genesis Event all about, how it works and what’s the process on how we can participate to this event?
To meet the early HO circulation and the construction of HOLPPOOL (HALO DAO), the HALO Network will simultaneously launch the HALO Genesis when the HALO Network is launched The Genesis Group will be the earliest HALO Network adopters.
Halo Network Genesis will decentralize HO through the contract. The Genesis process was also designed to ensure fair access and opportunity. When ETH is committed, we will ensures that all participants receive HO according to the rules of Genesis.

Here is the details


Q5. Many of investor just focus on the price of token in short term instead of real value of project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to long term?
Halo Network is Mainnet. The status now is testing cross bridge swap and yield farming which is our stage2.
Currently we are working with some Dapps.

The six major contracts of the contract part together constitute the early application of defi ecology of Halo Network.

➡️Part 3: Free asking (5 best questions)

Q1: Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?
We have submitted our project to 3 famous audit companies .The first audit report will release soon ..Which from slowmist

Q2: I want to support your project, Tell us more about the Ambassador Program and in what ways can we participate ?
We will launch the ambassador program soon .U can follow our Twitter or going to the announcement from our telegram group

The core value of the decentralized financial system is to seamlessly connect the traditional financial instruments to the blockchain system, unifying decentralized transactions at all levels. To realize the true decentralized access, HALO Network is set up and governed by the following principles:

1.Decentralized Principle
All parties involved in the HALO Network are equal; be it HALO Labs, users or the community: none has any exclusive right. All matters pertaining to the HALO Network will be determined by voting; majority votes decide. Voting rights will be determined by the quantity of HO one’s hold.
2.Trust Principle
All transaction on HALO Network is completed via smart contracts. Neither party needs to trust each other, obligation of the contracts will be immutable.
3.Scalability Principle
All modules and functions of the HALO Network can be realized without compromising other principles. HALO Network needs to iterate its capabilities to achieve global scalability.

Q3: Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?
U can refer this

Q4: Many new projects develop well at first, but then fail to achieve good results. How will you manage and develop your project to gain a position in the market and become a good project in the blockchain industry?
We will follow the development plan as show u before ..Now we are testing swap test and yield farming ..Will launch stage 2 once complete the Genesis event

Q5: Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Does you have any special plans to attract and expand the community and improve the user experience?
A: Yes we have ..We have MoonMission and ambassador program to build our communities



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