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➡️Part 1: Project Introduction

Q1. Could you briefly introduce yourself as well as your project?

I am Shane Brett- the CEO of the Greenheart Punt project — we are focusing on enhancing CBD Production Through Decentralized Finance, AI and Drone Technology.

The token project is led by Greenheart CBD — (www.greenheartcbd.ie) one of Europe’s leading, licensed CBD producers.

Personally, I have been in finance and technology for 25 years and involved in crypto for 5 years. I have founded 4 different blockchain and fintech startups and written multiple books on tech entrepreneurship.’

:) https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/1953349684?tag=amz-mkt-chr-uk-21&ascsubtag=1ba00-01000-a0049-win10-other-smile-uk000-pcomp-feature-pcomp-wm-6&ref=aa_pcomp_patf1

The core team also includes Greenheart co-founders Paul Walsh and Mark Canavan, as well as Shane McQuillan — our Chief Strategy Officer and a Venture Partner at Alphabit.

Mark and Paul are lifelong friends and started Greenheart CBD in 2019 growing organic hemp, processing the material with specialised extraction methods and bringing it to the global market.

Shane Mc Quillan is one of the world’s leading crypto experts and fundraisers — he has worked on many of the most successful token projects globally (including Celsius, Share Ring, Yield, Lattice, Stratis).

Our project is all about helping the 2 billion Underserved globally. Most of these are unbanked and many are dependent on agriculture — that is why initially we are focused on helping farmers in poor countries switch from Cash Crops to farming CBD.

Currently farmers in many countries have low incomes and exist on a subsistence basis, with little chance of improving their families living conditions. The aim of the project is to provide financing to farmers around the world to grow CBD, substantially increasing their incomes and improving quality of life.

Q2. What makes the #Greenheart project stand out more than the projects in the same direction at the moment?

So….our project….its all about growing our community and expanding globally to help poor farmers and famalies escape poverty — by growing CBD and using crypto — a great combination

This means the primary concept is based on a DeFi platform to increase farmers’ income across the world — by providing them with direct access to loan funding for CBD production.

By leveraging our advanced Artificial Intelligence Drone technology and Big Data analytics, we will be able to maximize returns from CBD cultivation, providing farmers with much higher income compared to existing agricultural crops.

The token project is led by Greenheart CBD — one of Europe’s leading, licensed CBD producers — check out greenheartcbd.ie

The reason we started the projecvt is because we need farmers to grow more CBD/hempo — so we can buy it

BUT the main problem we face is that farmers have no money to switch to CBD — and because CBD has often just been legalised in many countries, the banks WILL NOT lend to the farmers

So we are raising the money through our raise to build our DeFi platform (probably using Constealltion networks) to lend directly to farmers in poor countries (like Thailand and Panana)

Q3. What are the memorable milestones of #Greenheart in the research and development process?

In the proof of concpt growing CBD in Europe in 2019./….

We grew on 10 acres initially — 4 hectares

We used drones to monitor the plant health

To help us pick out the male plants and weed the plants

That left us with a feminine crop pf CBD in great health and we were able to manage that data and oversight from drones operated on our smart phone

The big moment was when we came to harvest our crop — all th eR&D paid off — we grew $12 million dollars of CBD hemp flower from 10 acres

That is 600% ahead of the usual hemp farmers returns

So we used this research to look at how we could expand globally

We tjought that if we raised funds to lend to farmers to buy our technology, production facilities and support/training (and drones of course) we then…

We could expand our (soon to be patented) R&D technology and proc4esses and make it available to farmers

The funds we are raising is the missing link and we have just raised $4.6 m last week in a private sale led by Launchpooll, Alphabit and NGC

Q4. What does #Greenheart plan to do to attract more users in the upcoming time?

We have a multi-promged marketing plan

1. First off we have 2,500 regulat existing CBD customers — you can see many 5 star reviews on our website (www.greenheartcbd.ie and on google — we are targetting our customers in 49 countries to get them into and supporting our CBD token community

Checj ouit Google yourself

2. We have retained the best crypto marketing companies in the world.

These include Fomocraft (clients include Launchpool)

Rarestone — the amazing PR agency

3. We have recently published about the project in yahoo Finance, Bloomberg and Reuters

4. We have appointed some of the leading crypto figures globally as advisors — including founders from Constellation, Yield App….pioneers like Crypto Coach K and Liam Robertson — Founder of Alphabit (1 billion dollar London fund)

5. We have accepted investment from 6 top tier fund managers — to help increase the projects credibility and recognition — these include NGC (Roger Lim), Alphabit, Protocol Ventures,

FBG Capital in the USA

GBIC in Korea

An increase team of investors to help us market the business

We also have well over 50,000 followers across social media right nowe — our company is already profitable and high profile in Europe

Check out our social media links here -

Linktr — https://linktr.ee/greenheartcbd

So to summarise — we have a large marketing social media presence, the growth of the project investor base, leading advisors, top tier crypto marketing companies and the recent staking event on Launchpool — which was over subscribed 21 TIMES!!!! — has all combined to accelerate an exciting marketing strategy for the project

➡️Part 2: Question From Twitter (5 best questions).

Q1. @Feskk2
Community is the key to success of any projects. What is Greenheart’s community expansion plan and what are your areas of priority?

We have really exciting plans here

We are just building our new DeFi moile app platform for our community which will launch in Q3 2021

That will allow (over time) our community to crowdfund and directly lend financing to poor country famrs. Its so exciting and will hugely grow our community

We have been approached by dozens of the leading A List crypto influencers and we have accepted contributions from about 20 — they are just kicking off their campaignb to grow the community online at Greenheart CBD

Q2. @Violas_8
While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

One of the key areas we want to maintain “best practise” governance is through regular community feedback and input.

We will do this (later this year) through allowing our community to vote on crowdfunding potential CBD farming projects (and longer term other ESG non-CBD projects) as well as giving access to the community to our CBD products and input on new CBD product lines (e.g. forthcoming BD popcorn, Protein powders and cosmetics)

as well as access to our growing partner network of created products and services

Q3. @Misha_aha
In protest against Covid-19, many people decided to work from home, How can the community earn passive income with your project? What is the team’s strategy for creating price stability for the future? And how great is the level of development and adoption in this pandemic?

The schools were closed so I had no choice but to work from home! 😂

Great question on passive income

The first way — and I would encourage everyone to keep an eye on our telegram for this

Is through staking our CBD token

We have 10% of all our tokens — 15 million — specifically reserved for our community to stake

Not only that but tokenholders n our community can earn passive income by lending directly to farmer projects (once our DeFi platform is live — later in 2021)

Q4. @Kellya
How do you intend to revolutionize the financial services? What is the long-term vision of Greenhear as a project?

Financial Services in the CBD space is BROKEN

CBD might be legal in more and more countries but the banks are
Plus many farmers — (for 85% of farmers in Thaialnd) do not own their land or farm

That means they can’t use their farm as collateral to raise a loan from the bank to switch to CBD
We are revolutionising this financial services model by jumping over the bands and lending directly to farmers — via DeFi smart contracts

What better use of crypto and Blockchain can there be then making people have a better quality of life — for example we expect poor country famers to earn approx $12,000 (from our R&D in Thailand) — versus and average of $1,850 dollar right now!!!
Its a no-brainer

Long term to successful grow Greenheart world wide and help the 2 billion underserves (who live on $2 dollars a day and have no bank accounts) this is a super way to combine technology with an environmentally friendly agricultural crop that can hugely increase famers and their families incomes and be gentle on the planet too.

Q5. @KpAldhie
As far as i know, Green Heart takes into account several risk factors for each protocol, which include capital wagered, daily volume, how long it has been deployed without incident, etc. It’s so great. So how could you price insurance coverage within Green Heart?

Firstly we have in our sercure airtight storage facility in Europe opver $12m dollars worth of CBD flower

We have had this insured and also valued and carefully stored, as we expand globally.

We are also planning on retaining credit export insurance for the technology, production equipment and on the ground expenses we will incurr

Then in terms of the token itself

We have sold 95% of the raise to provate funds

Only 4% will be on a forthcoming public sale

We believe this — and the amazingly oversubscribed $500k allocation we placed on Launchpool — will ensure plenty of upward price momentum as the token starts to trade soon

Also we have a plethora of exciting announcements that will drove the token price — for example we have just launched our first USA site (in New Jersey) and are about to start growing in the US — you heard it here first.

All of these price insurance areas will be constantly addressed on our Telegram channel — here


Also guys check out our project website!


We would love to hear from you!

➡️Part 3: Free asking

Q1: Token burn is important for investors, do you have any plan burn or buy pack?
To expand on this question about Buy Back

It might be easier to show you

We are planning for this once the platform is live later this year

This is our ecosystem

Within that we have what we call our DeFI Flywheel

This is the app we are currently building — The guys from Constellation are investors and advisors so are looking at helping us

Q2: While browsing your website I didn’t find any information about your team members. Can you tell us where can I find details information about your team members?
Our website has full details of the team — can I direct you to our company website — www.greenheartcbd.ie
You will see there is a full bio on all team members (including my ugly mug haha!)
Right here- https://greenheartcbd.ie/meet-the-team/

Q3: Tell us about your core team members background and how they started with Greenheart ?
A: Absolutely — I worked in hedge funds and FinTech for many years. I raised over $4million from VC’s in USA and grew companies (check out ECKO Governance) I started to valuations over $12 million dollars.
My linkedin is -https://www.linkedin.com/in/shanebrettgp?originalSubdomain=ie
I have written 3 books and dozens of FinTech and crypto article;es and been featured in Forbes, Financial Times, NASDAQ TC etc
Mark Canavan and Paul Walsh are the founders of the company
Mark Canavan is an accredited businessman coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Mark has been involved in many ventures from catering to retail. He is the founder of HaloMunchies, a charity based vending machine company.
This operates successfully with a nation-wide distribution network while continuously donating to charity (over $250,000 to childrens charities) .Mark has a keen interest in health and wellbeing and through his positive personal experience with CBD and keen interest in herbal remedies decided to embark on this project.
Paul Walsh is a crypto and CBD expert and we have known each other for many years
Paul is currently one of Irelands Thought Leaders in technology innovation and sustainability. He’s also Adviser on multiple Blockchain projects that’s to successfully navigate the crypto space with helpful education into projects and the technology.

Q4: Can you list 1–3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?
A: The top 3 featires for me are this:-
1 We REALLY know CBD — we grow it, we plant it, we bottle it, we sell it! VERY FEW other CBD companies actually make their own oil (they white label) — so we know the full “seed to shelf” model and that means we can help poor country farmers on the ground
2. We are using the most advanced Artificial Intelligence Drones possible to monitor and manage the CBD plants health.Agriculture has not changed much in centuries but drones have the potential to revolutionise the incomes of farmers and the possibility of growing much more CBD (legal cannabis) which really helps people like me with sleep issues and bad backs
3. Lastly we have genuinely one of the best crypto teams in the world to help us grow this project — the best funds, the leading advisors and a real team with an existing PROFITABLE business with 2,500 customers and run by managers with deep expertise in CBD growing, technology, innovation and finance




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