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➡️Part 1: Project Introduction.

Andy Chen | 🐉, [22.04.21 20:04]
Andy: This is Andy. I have 20 years experience in loyalty and payment (e.g. Mastercard, Airline and hotel loyalty) and now I am the strategic advisor for Dragonbite. I was on the OKex tour in Ho Chi Minh not in 2018 too!

Elvan | DragonBite 🐉, [22.04.21 20:04]
My name is Elvan Yau and I am the COO of DragonBite. I am a serial entrepreneur. I bought my first bitcoin back in 2015 and found the first Blockchain startup in 2017, it was a payment infrastructure allowing people to buy Bitcoin and Ether with Visa and Mastercard. I have also involved in the loyalty industry for years and realized the intrinsic problem of digital assets as the interest of the program providers are usually not the same to end user. Dragonbite is going to disrupt the loyalty industry and unlock the value of the assets.

FlorenceDragonBite 🍀, [22.04.21 20:05]
I am Florence, the CFO of DragonBite. I have been very excited about Blockchain technology since 2017. I have been working in Fintech company, Bloomberg, for over 12 years…. built trading platform for Money market, FX and short term debt for the world.
Please go to our TG to find out more

Peter Chan, [22.04.21 20:05]
I am Peter, CTO of DragonBite, I used to work for big SI including IBM and CSC as Technology architect serving major banks and government organization to build mission critical projects.
I also actively file international patent in smartcard security and IoT domain.

MCK ở Circle K, [22.04.21 20:06]
Q2. What makes the DragonBite project stand out more than the projects in the same direction at the moment?

Elvan | DragonBite 🐉, [22.04.21 20:07]
As the vision of DragonBite is to disrupt the loyalty industry using blockchain and DeFi. We aim to remove the intrinsic inefficiencies of loyal points by allowing loyalty points turn into cryptocurrency. The whole idea is to facilitate loyalty points’ owner. 95% of the population owns loyalty point but the adaption rate of cryptocurrency is only 5%. DragonBite provides an easy and straight forward way for non-crypto users embrace the crypto space. DragonBite’s key competitive advantages lie in its comprehensive partner ecosystem as well as its characteristic of open looped and decentralized. We have already gained access to over 50000 merchants point of sale with 1 million user based.

MCK ở Circle K, [22.04.21 20:08]
Q3. What are the memorable milestones of DragonBite in the research and development process?

Peter Chan, [22.04.21 20:09]
We put a lot of effort in R&D and has filed our patent for our 6-in-1 solution for applying blockchain to loyalty. In addition, we have pioneered our AR and 5G technology by show casing our prototype in the 5G-alliance summit.

MCK ở Circle K, [22.04.21 20:10]
Q4. What does DragonBite plan to do to attract more users in the upcoming time?

Andy Chen | 🐉, [22.04.21 20:10]
We are partnering with different Ambassador / crypto KOL from different community / youtube channels / media all over the world. As they feel the pain and the problem of loyalty points.
Loyalty points will be expired, they are scattered, hard to manage and consolidated. The gifts are usually not attractive and the value will be discounted.
Our team are confident and our supporters believe in us. We all know the problem and we are ready to tackle it.

➡️Part 2: Question From Twitter (5 best questions).

MCK ở Circle K, [22.04.21 20:13]
Q1: @mnh27193
What makes you feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of Your project in the near future?While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

FlorenceDragonBite 🍀, [22.04.21 20:14]
Our team is extremely confident, we never worried about survival and sustainability. Growth is the only word in our dictionary. The confidence is back by the real life problem we are tackling. 95% of the population owns loyalty points and the intrinsic problem with the digital assets are obvious with 1.6T value yet to be unlocked. Our project is legitimate, we aim to grow along with our community and seek for mutual, long term benefits.

FlorenceDragonBite 🍀, [22.04.21 20:14]
We treasure every single member in our community, the feedbacks are very important and we are open to comments and make improvements. The character of blockchain is decentralised, as strong believers of blockchain, we hold tight the values and embrace the trend happening in the world. Eventually, DragonBite would become a DAO. The more $BITE you have, the voting power you have to make major change to the ecosystem! Everyone would become the stakeholder of DragonBite and you too!

MCK ở Circle K, [22.04.21 20:16]
Q2. @Akaiy28103
Can you list some great features of DragonBite that makes it ahead of its competitors? And what problems do you see occurring in the blockchain industry nowadays and how does your project aims to solve these problems?

Elvan | DragonBite 🐉, [22.04.21 20:18]
“Liquidity” is the gift we bring into the crypto world. Majority of the blockchain projects facilitate only speculation purpose. The use cases are limited in the blockchain industry. DragonBite provides real life use cases. With DragonBite, users could actually convert cryptocurrencies in to merchants cash vouchers / gift cards. Today, Bite Point could be spent in 50,000+ merchants point of sale and the number will grow exponentially, this existing merchants network makes us be ahead of our competitors and save us years of time in merchant acquisition. We are strong and ready.

Elvan | DragonBite 🐉, [22.04.21 20:18]
Crypto | Gaming | Reward Points | Coupons | Cash

MCK ở Circle K, [22.04.21 20:20]
Q3. @johinyy193
Community is the key to success of any projects. What is Dragon Bite’s community expansion plan and what are your areas of priority?

Andy Chen | 🐉, [22.04.21 20:20]
I believe a strong product & solution would attract community members & supporters as they feel the same pain and will be support the solution which benefit themselves.
Alongside with the legitimate and long term solution for mutual benefits with the community. We will focus on marketing in order to let more people know about us and join our community. Gaming industry is one of the sector our marketing efforts will focus in as there are synergies between gaming and the crypto world.
We target globally although we have already acquired 50,000 merchants points of sale in Asia. However, our team based in US, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our reach will be in these are area and grow simultaneously.

MCK ở Circle K, [22.04.21 20:22]
Q4. @Fedricho376
NFT is considered the next trend of the crypto industry after DeFi. Can Paypolitan share your opinion about NFT? Where do you see the future evolution of NFT features and capabilities over the next few years?

Peter Chan, [22.04.21 20:23]
NFT is definitely an excited topic. As a digital asset marketplace, allow assets class to swap and convert. NFT, unique assets would also be supported on our platform in the future. We will partner with dApps / existing NFTs also would eventually provide values (sotheby’s) to non-fungible assets, such as cinema and concert ticket, art works and tokenise them. Liquidity would be provided to these NFTs in DragonBite! In the future, I believe we will see more use cases for NFT and the application of NFT to identify identities that could be useful in certain scenarios

MCK ở Circle K, [22.04.21 20:24]
Q5. @ValerieElash4
What are your plans to raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand about DrogonBite? Why is this project going to outperform, outvalue and outprice other crypto projects?

FlorenceDragonBite 🍀, [22.04.21 20:24]
I believe a strong product & solution would attract community members & supporters as they feel the same pain and will be support the solution which benefit themselves.

➡️Part 3: Free asking (5 best questions)

Q1: Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?
DragonBite’s founders have over 20 year’s experience in payment, digital banking and investment banking. We have good reputations and good track records in our industries. Our goal is to build a legitimate and healthy ecosystem to grow with our community. Our mechanism protects every stakeholder in the ecosystem as the teams’ token will be locked up for 30 months. Since its inception in 2018, DragonBite has collaborated with leading companies in the field of blockchain, loyalty points and gaming. Today, Bite Point can be spent in 50,000 merchants point of sale. We are also partnering with Banks & major financial services, cryptocurrency exchanges and different blockchain ecosystem. We are the reseller of Steam, Google Play and Apple Giftcard.

Q2: What is the vision and mission of your project ? What problems are you trying to solve? Do these problems remain unsolved with the existing public blockchains?
DragonBite initiates a disruptive Revolution of Loyalty Customer. We have full confident to disrupt the loyalty community, gather customers into our new ecosystem. With DragonBite, users will be able to aggregate all their idle digital assets into one account, convert from one asset into another, sell assets and buy other assets, including cryptocurrency. We will give out BITE to active users who make contributions in the ecosystem and provide incentive to maintain an energetic environment. Point expiration will not be any problem with DragonBite, as users can sell their expiring assets to buy other available digital assets, to top-up other programs or to pre-pay DragonBite card for daily spending.

Q3: Can you introduce the DragonBite ecosystem? What services / infrastructure does the DragonBite ecosystem include and what the project is headed for?
Our initial BITE token deployed in ETH network and we intended to rollout bidding and asset exchange service based on this stack rapidly. Meanwhile, we will partner closely with RioDeFi to quickly drive down the transaction cost through migration to Rio Chain which make use of Pokadot technology.

This will also allow our platform to have high interoperability and connect to multiple chain easily.

Q4: What is the meaning of Your project? Why do you think that this name made sense for your project? Kindly describe in details
A: There is a myth long time ago about a magic dragon🐲……who has the ability to turn the object into gold🥇🥇 after just one bite. In our galaxy🌠, we have many planets which are named after different loyalty programs……our magic dragon, who see opportunities there, will give the loyalty planet a “bite” and turn it into “crypto”. 💰💰

Q5:Apparently, many blockchain projects are not solving any real problem, they just exist to sell their tokens. What problems exactly is DragonBite solving, and solutions are you provide?



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