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➡️Segment 1: Project Introduction

Q1: First of all, please let Steven and Serge briefly introduce the your company

Serge and me believe that the combination of DeFi and NFT technology will be the future of blockhain

So we build up our team based on this conception

All the team members are from world-class universities

Such as Stanford University, Monash University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Deakin University, etc.

DeCEX is an innovative platform that seamlessly integrates together the universes of DeFi and NFTs, bringing together NFT gaming, NFTswap and NFT vault all in one ecosystem.

Q2: What are the project characteristics and innovations?

We developed DeCEX based on Ethereum

And we integrates several types of operating mechanisms that are popular in the existing crypto market

We apply liquid pool locking, token staking, burning and liquidity staking in DeCEX

The feature of NFT staking, NFT repurchase and NFT auction will be also developed in the following stages of DeCEX

The most exciting part is that we have realized the automatic and sustainable increase of the liquidity pool innovatively

1% of the transaction volume will be used to add liquidity and will never be withdrawn.

All of these are designed for supporting the value of the token — — — DCX

Q3: How is the current project progress?

Now that the smart contract development, deployment and audit work of DeCEX have been completed, the audit report has passed the verification of Etherscan. It has raised 100 ETH in the seed sale, and it will start the public sale at 7 pm (GMT+11) on 13th Feb 2021. Users who want to participate in the DeCEX public sale can log in to DeCEX’s official website (www.decex.finance) and make purchases through smart contracts.

This should be next for us.

We are all focused at the moment on revamping our marketing and we will be announcing website V2 very soon

our base is secure and we are working on improving the overall ecosystem.

Steven is coding and finance genius , one of the smartest people i have met.

So I can safely say the token fundementals are solid.

Now this allows us to focus on marketing and expansion.

Maybe we can aslo isssue one NFT for Vietnam

Ban Mih NFT!

Q4: What is the later planning of the project development?

Next the project will develop NFT auction

as well as the trading system

NFT gaming

NDTSWAP (decentralized automatic exchange) and NFT vault financial management system

Q5: What marketing activities are planned for the later stage of the project?

Alot of it will surprise annoucements

We want to make sure the token is not being pumped and dumped with annoucements

But let me put it this way — We are spending ALOT of money on marketing.

Q6: Currently DeFi + NFT project is divided into three categories: DeFi project imported the concept of NFT, Staking NFT for DeFi tokens, NFT platform imported liquidity mining. Which one do you prefer among these three categories? What is the reason? Which category of DeCEX is it?

I would say DeCEX is unique in such a way that it combines and integrates all aspects

The 2nd and 3rd categoris have their own advatnages obviously and our Dev team was able to build a mechanism to combine the 2nd and 3rd

Stakign NFTs for tokens can support the price of the NFTs ans LP-V2 minig is a way to solve liquidity issues. DeCeX can combine them and extract and optimize the value of both!!!! my favorite part

Q7: What needs to be improved in the current DeFi and NFT industry? Can the combination of the two achieve a win-win situation?

think of crypto, Defi as a baby

a 3 year old baby will make mistakes fall down and hurt itself, but we must never give up on the future. We are sure that DEFI and Crypto will grow into a sutainable industry

You guys have to realize how REALLY EARLY YOU ARE!

In the DEFI field, although the DAPP infastructure need to be improved, the existing facilities can already enable the tokens to obtain high liquidity.

For NFTs, although the auction price has repeatedly hit new highs, the liquidity of NFT is relaitvely low. but that will start changing soon

NFTs has an extra layer of entertianment and creative value, but really the financial attributes i.e. profits are in DEFI

DeCEX is combining the two. Imagine the possibilities.

➡️Segment 2: Question From Twitter

Q1: @capt_boeing
What are the Tokenomics of $DCX. What usecases does it token have and can it be interchangeable with NFTs? Is there a deflationary model for it so as to promote an increase in value which in turn promotes adoption?

we will have three different mining pool

DCX mining pool for exchange NFT

LP v2 mining pool

and lottery draw pool

aslo we have automatic LP increasing feature

The token will burning from 1M to 200917

this is support DCX value

To ensure the increase of liquidity, 1% of the transaction will be injected into the ETH-DCX liquidity pool

we will have different artist to design NFT to provide user

Q2: @thanhthaospa
With the increasing demand for products and projects on DeFi, is DeCEX one of the quality projects and what will bring an advantage to the market?

All NFT can buy back by project

we will integrates NFT gaming, NFTswap and NFT vault all in one ecosystem

this is one of our advantage

also we will reach agreement with many top artist

to provide NFT art design for our user

Q3: @myhle
Can you explain how does NFT Vault works in Decex Finance? How to be profitable with this feature? What are the pros and cons of this feature? Thank you

through our NFTSWAP a decentralised exchange ,NFT will be more valuable

and we will connecting different DeFi ecosystem

then NFT Vault can invest different high profit products automatically

Q4: @RSAbuRihan1
Do you agree that community is a key factor for the success of the project? Knowing that the project has had quite successful phases, but with future plans do you have plans to benefit some communities coming soon?

Yes, community is always a key to the success

Our public airdrop and the Genesis NFT airdrop event are all for the community

1% of the token supply will be used for the airdrop distribution


Join our group to enjoy more community benefits

Q5: @mithila_palkat
What should we can expect from DeCEX in the short term ??

We are developing the staking pool

And when the public sale is done, we will list the tokens on uniswap

And our NFT contract will be deployed at that time!

➡️Segment 3: Free asking

Q1: @S_Jom
Are you a global project? Can anybody use your services from anywhere?Are you a global project? Can anybody use your services from anywhere?Are you a global project? Can anybody use your services from anywhere?

Yes we are. You can use web3 wallet to enjoy our service anywhere!

Q2: @Loversss10
What is your long-term Vision of the industry where the DeCek works? Are you afraid that one day there will be another project with more innovative technology that can replace DeCek ?

We have faith to manage a long-term project. Our team will focus on the trend of the NFT and DeFi industry and improve our services at the same time to ensure our competitiveness!

Q3: @Tinhs2k19
Now, the token launch process is easy, but to develop the ecosystem, stabilize prices, expand the market is a challenge in every project? So what are your team first steps towards solving this problem? what is your plan to maintain token price & supply in the market?

You are right. We got a fantastic team to manage different area. A perfect project need to pay attention to the market and improve the technique at the same time. And the ecosystem is the thing we designed for a long time. The long term plan you can check our whitepaper through out website www.decex.finance

Q4: @Monipurbd
What is your top priorities in 2021? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?
Which part of the project are you most focused on right now?

Token Listing and NFT auction system. And we will find more great NFT artists for the NFT design.

Q5: @Tzno29b
What are the benefits that I get by holding $DCX tokens for long term?Where can I get $DCX tokens?Is it listed on any exchange so that I can buy it?Also will there be any burning program for $DCX token?

Now you can get DCX from the official website. It will be listed on Uniswap 2 weeks — 1 month later. We got 1% burning for our tokens to support the value of the token.3

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