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➡️Part 1: Project Introduction.
Q1. Could you briefly introduce yourself as well as your project?
Hi everybody. My name is Francesco Dell’Agata and I am the Head of Operations at DAO1. I have 4 years experience in the blockchain/crypto space as an investor and writer, as well as advising multiple global clients in the Blockchain, Digital, Strategy, and AI spaces. We can’t wait to tell you more about DAO1!

DAO1 aims to deliver a state-of-the-art platform to encompass socio-economic incentives and financial freedom by deploying the best of the DeFi world under the roof of a true DAO, governance from day one, DAO1. DAO1 is open-source, fully transparent and, both in theory and practice, incorruptible. The prevailing product offerings are composed of Staking, Farming, Hackathons for further enhancement of the DAO1 ecosystem, and more. It also introduces dynamic financial services like Decentralized Fund (DeF) or Hybrid Advisory, Startup Funds, Incubator platform, and Charity initiative through NFTs and donations.

So, Im Leo Georgievic and as mentioned before my position is as the Strategist with the DAO1 project. I have previous experience in project management, marketing and CC trading as well as a DeFi project. Now Im part of making DAO1 the great project it has potential to be and will be, a dream come true!

Q2. What makes the DAO1 project stand out more than the projects in the same direction at the moment?
I would say a stand-out characteristic of DAO1 is DAO1’s ability to grant users the power of choice. This is what makes DAO1 a true DAO. Granting community members the power of democratic choice is our true goal. This will serve useful when proposing decisions to the platform, both technical proposals and non-technical, changes to the features, rates, etc. All of this, whilst ensuring the highest security standards to ensure the decision-making process does not land in the hands of a few entities who hold tokens. This is why there will be a voting principle in place to prevent this from happening, but more will be revealed soon about the technicalities behind it.

As mentioned above, I am involved with DAO1 as Head of Partnerships, managing the hackatons, the incubation program & creating partnerships which help DAO1 advance. Awesome to be here today!

Q3. What are the memorable milestones of DAO1 in the research and development process?
Well, one of the memorable milestone for us as the DAO1 project is the recent inclusion to YFDAI Launchpad. Our selection to the program is a result of research and development that has so far gone into conceptualizing and implementing the project. We are a relatively new and working tirelessly to get our products and services on track in the shortest time possible.

We have few exciting announcements to make in the coming days, which will definitely be the milestones that we will cherish.

Q4. What does DAO1 plan to do to attract more users in the upcoming time?
We have a detailed marketing strategy and plan to attract more users in the coming weeks and months. We have official DAO1 interviews lined up, influencers on standby, PR agencies we work with, professional content creators, weekly AMA rounds, and a plan to constantly release useful and engaging content to satisfy current users and the imminent influx of new users we will see in the near future as we further build out the DAO1 platform with all of its features.

We will be announcing a community support campaign, wherein the community will support in spreading word about DAO1 and will be rewarded back with DAO1 tokens.

➡️Part 2: Question From Twitter (5 best questions).
Q1. currently there are many platform projects that promise benefits for their use but not for the long term.
what makes us believe that Dao1 is for long-term investment?
So what is Dao1 plan in 2021 to achieve the profit target for every member of the community?
Regarding the plan to attract more users, we are joining a mission to educate our community about the new financial paradigm unfolding before us.

DAO1 platform is being developed not just keeping in mind the current scenario but also for long term future existence and sustainability in the market for the community. The platform features like Crypto venture and startup funds and hybrid advisory solutions are for long term use for the community, there are neverending opportunities in the field.

Most of the features of the DAO1 platform are hte real world solution with the Blockchain technology integration.
DAO1 platform is not for just investments, its developed to create long term wealth of the tokenholders whereby the community can get maximum of the benefits by just holding DAO1 tokens.

First, when I analyse any project I look at its fundamentals to analyse its long term potential. We have some unique features — the incubation & the hackatons among them where we allow teams from anywhere in the world to participate in helping DAO1 to become larger and better with their ideas, products & services.


DOA1 team cant comment upon the profit target for each community members, as the whole team of DAO1 works for platform and community development. But yes, when the usecases increases or utility increases of the platform, that will be beneficial in terms of pricing of tokens and overall for the community.

DAO1 is centered around its users, they will drive the project long term, the power is handed back to the community members who become players, not just spectators. You will not see us using hype, making unrealistic promises because we want DAO1 to exceed expectations by becoming an expression of its vision & mission to become The Most Futuristic and Community Led Socio Economic Blockchain

Q2. Currently, technological developments are increasingly sophisticated and there are many projects that promise benefits. What are the benefits and functions of this Dao1 project for the wider community? Then, what solutions does Dao1 offer to overcome con artists?
Thanks. good question right there…
I think that the benefits for the community are to be mentioned in 2 ways: One in terms of the inclusiveness, the right to vote (Not to forget the governance structure enabling this to be a truly democratic process) and thereby the impact community is going to have for the inputs, decisions and ultimately outcomes and development. Another way to view the benefits are the functionality by which I mean how Token holding will enable community member to gain advantage from e.g. getting the Decentralized fund experience with minimal investment requirements to being able profit from launches and incubations made on the DAO1 platform.
The solution we offer to overcome scammers on the platform will be that we offer a voting structure that will stop people from taking advantage of the platform and its users. We are working to employ sound security protocols and functionalities, that will ensure it is highly unlikely that our users will succumb to con artists.

On top of that, as I mentioned before DAO1 aims at educating the community members about crypto and DeFi so they will take informed decisions. With the new technologies & features, there is always a learning curve, and the users need to learn new things so they will take better decisions in their finances.

Q3. can you tell me the meaning of the name DAO1? Can you introduce through everyone in team DAO1? Who are DAO 1’s current partners?
The meaning is like the title of the organization structure: Decentralized Autonomous Organisation, and 1 is because we aim to provide all the best from the crypto space and the DeFi world under 1 roof basically. So a community-led, organisation which is Truly decentralized with governance from day 1, encompassing an innovative platform for the best user experience in terms of structure, innovation, security and mechanisms for achieving financial freedom.

The team is already introduced, please have a look further up in this chat. Apart from Francesco, Adrian Leo and Bernard we have our lovely and amazing techteam as well who are doing all the hard work that’s behind these lovely curtains.

Currently, we can proudly say we partnered up with YFDAI Launchpad who will facilitate our Launch, which is huge as they have a very thoughtful approach to new project launches so were all super excited about it…I can thus tell you that a range of interesting partners are in our near future…Stay tuned for all announcements in this regard.

Q4. Could you elaborate on which project in this space have a similar goal to DAO1 , how DAO1 differs from them, and perhaps which projects do you see as potential competitors or even collaborators ?
One idea I will highlight here is “the network effect”. The more good players in this space, the better for the industry overall. We don’t look at other projects as competitors, but rather as potential partners if we have the same values & see potential synergies.

We consider a project in particular when we think about having a similar goal. Decred.org, is a project that is based on the community. They are community-led, meaning they also vote for proposals and technical changes regarding the Decred cryptocurrency.

How we better than them:
DAO1 is similar to Decred, in regards to the DAO governance and the proportional voting system aspect. DAO1 takes it to the next level by allowing our community members to vote for features and functionality changes regarding the whole platform. And we see this as an entirely new approach, which has never been attempted before in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Potential competitors:

We don’t see other projects as competition as we are a community-led project for the benefit of the community itself. Any project that is adding value to the ecosystem and the society are our allies

Potential collaborators: Collabland
We can create a long list of collaborators as our model is quite different from the rest. While we would be working closely with exchanges to make DAO1 easily accessible to everyone, we will be seeking out projects and companies providing solutions for blockchain applications. As we have already mentioned, hackathons, incubation and startup funding are some of the key areas of focus and we are always looking for the latest in tech that participants in our incubation program can use to create innovative products with real world usage.

E.g. smart contract development, auditing, security , layer 2 solution providers, enterprise blockchain solutions providers, blockchain data analysis companies like chainalysis, oracle networks etc. so that our incubatee projects can explore the possibility of using those in their projects

We want to use, well, what is called a “blue ocean strategy”, meaning that, ok, you can see some features in other projects — like staking or farming but DAO1 as a self-governed entity evolves as a unique ecosystem aiming for partnerships rather than see other platforms as competitors.

Q5. Would you agree with me that adoption and utility are key factors to a project’s survival and success? What’s being done to drive global adoption of Dao Official amidst crypto regulations, legislation, and competition?
Absolutely, the market and the financial revolution don’t wait for no man and are always changing. They say a day in Crypto is like a month in traditional stocks so yeah agreed. But apart from this and real utilisation I think we need to remind yourself about the fact that many projects can with the help of good PR gain huge momentum but can’t fill in that gap once technology and use cases are not promising or delivering. I think that’s important to really kind of go through one´s ambition and goals and to review those and in that light I do think we are able to drive adoption of DAO1 to a big extent. We are very much aware and monitoring all relevant regulations and competition but I think for the adoption part, things take time to adopt and adapt to but as we getting launched and release our features one by one more and more adoption will find its natural place as the ecosystem we building would be able to facilitate much more than what’s being offered to the users and community at the time being.

I would say that adoption is slowed down by the security issues in the industry, DAO1 addresses this being audited by some of the best in the industry.

More on that, you see, many platforms today are created like to be used by programmers only :) — they don’t have usability & friendliness for the normal user, so the experience of the users, the community members is very important for DAO1.

And, to finalise the answer from my end — DAO1 makes the entry barrier really affordable meaning that the investment level in the funds proposed & voted by the community is at $100 only. All the time I recommend personal due dilligence, and of course our discussions here are not to be considered investment advice.

➡️Part 3: Free asking (5 best questions)
Q1: What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand about the project easily??
Thank you for the answer. DAO1 aims to educate the community through articles, videos, webinars, expert guests, events around the incubation & the hackatons.

Q2: 🚩🚩Q) Token burn” is beneficial for any project, in being able to control the number of token circulation and to provide greater incentives to investors. Does your great project have a plan about token burn?
Yes, we will carry out token burning events.

Q3: As a community based project, how can I donate my quota for your success? Do you have a Global Ambassador Program or a Referral Rewards System?
A: These kind of ideas are currently being review and you will know about this soon

Q4: Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is your project also like this? If not can u tell us, What makes your project different from other projects?
A: I believe that most say “we are not like X and Z”. If you ask me, you need to analyze the projects, learn, connect with the team members & arrive by yourself at the proper conclusions.

Q5: Are your project available for the global people or It’s limited for some area? If it’s globally available are you guies planing to introduce it globally?
A: YEs globally and we plan to introduce it to and accomodate to the Asian markets




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