EPID is Hosting an AMA with Fabian Ojeda CEO CelCoin
🕖AMA Timing : October 16th 2020 || 09:00 PM (UTC +7).
🏚Venue For AMA: @EPID_Community
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Part 1:

Grunt | Community Manager:
Q1: What is CelCoin?

Fabian Ojeda CelCoin:
CelCoin is a cryptocurrency what wants to fulfill the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto to become digital money, store of value and global means of payment

And although we may not believe it, very few projects are carrying out this vision.

Grunt | Community Manager:
Q2: Why did you create CelCoin?

Fabian Ojeda CelCoin:
Well, when I met bitcoin in 2015 I understood how both bitcoin and blockchain technology once again gave us the ability to support the intrinsic value of our money with an asset

In practice, bitcoin converts us, through cryptocurrency mining, into the bank that issues the money, into the bank that distributes the money in the government, and into the user who can spend that money

Bitcoin is designed to literally generate wealth

This sounds too disruptive and revolutionary to miss, I thought in 2015

Grunt | Community Manager:
Q3: Why invest in CelCoin?

Fabian Ojeda CelCoin:
in 2016 I discovered that there was no cryptocurrency project in Latin America or that it will speak Spanish

And then I decided to create the first 100% Hispanic-American cryptocurrency, CelCoin

Grunt | Community Manager:
Q4: What is the future of CelCoin?

Fabian Ojeda CelCoin:
We are an experienced crypto ecosystem, we just completed three years of development on September 19 and two years officially listed in the crypto market on October 1, and experience in the clipto ecosystem costs a lot

we are growing we are entering new markets mainly the Asian market we are focused on the usability of cryptocurrencies of adoption and mass education about the crypto ecosystem it is clear that we are focused on carrying out the vision and mission that satoshi nakamoto had for bitcoin

Grunt | Community Manager:
Q5: What is the projection of CelCoin in the Asian Market?

Fabian Ojeda CelCoin:
Asia is core of Crypto Ecosystem!!!

And if we want CelCoin to be a top cryptocurrency in the world, this adoption, usability and education see in Asia the launched platform that we need

Part 2:

Grunt | Community Manager:

What sort of a mechanism on your ecosystem do you have behind #Celcoin to determine/increase its intrinsic value? How do you plan to increase the demand and the adoption of the token?

Fabian Ojeda CelCoin:
Well, We focus on educating the crypto-holder community about what the Crypto Ecosystem is

Any asset, even Cryptocurrencies, are valued by community adoption and usability of the asset in said community

We make a strong investment in marketing to make CelCoin known worldwide

Grunt | Community Manager:

What your plans in place for global expansion, are CelCoin focusing on only market at this time? Or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?

Fabian Ojeda CelCoin:
We are focused on listing on Asian Exchanges as we understand that this region is the heart of the global crypto ecosystem how say before

also in carrying out marketing campaigns to attract new crypto investors, strategic allies, operational partners

We are creating a crypto asset adoption and training program called Orange Ambassadors

Do you like to be our Orange Ambassador in your country???

Grunt | Community Manager:

where can I buy $CELS tokens? Does #CelCoiners have any plans to include $CELS tokens in big market markets, such as probit, OkeX and others. thank you.

Fabian Ojeda CelCoin:
We are currently officially listed on the Anglo-Argentine Exchange www.southxchange.com

Making swap on the European exchange P2PB2B.io

on the Hong Kong exchange finexbox.com

and on the Vietnamese Exchange VinDAX.com

We have already started the listing process on the Korean Exchange Probit.com and Chinese XT.com

Grunt | Community Manager:

a few days ago we both heard a news headline entitled ‘hacking’, how do Celcoin think about it ?? well, the most important thing is how Celcoin prevents and protects assets from similar incidents.

Fabian Ojeda CelCoin:
Well, it was not really a hacking, it was an internal theft of part of the corporate reserve coins as they say in popular slang or an internal enemy

that was already fixed because we fired the bad elements

However, our crypto ecosystem is very safe, it is clear that being a Cryptotoken running on the Ethereum blockchain It does not support cutting-edge technology and security

I think the only problem is the scalability of Ethereum and therefore the increase in value in transaction fees

but that is a problem that Ethereum must solve and we even saw how the fees fell in the last days

Grunt | Community Manager:

Your project is good butIn the world of cryptocurrency, there are 3 serious issues that might be discussed, namely: Security, Interoperability and Scalability. Can Celcoin resolve these three issues on the platform

Fabian Ojeda CelCoin:
I think there is a very important factor that is obvious when talking about the crypto ecosystem, the crypto ecosystem is about assets and money!

Cryptocurrencies are assets and digital money, and in the technological sense, it can be said that they have a of the most secure technologies in the history of the digital age, the blockchain

When we decided last year to stop being a cryptocurrency with its own blockchain and to become a token running on a third party’s blockchain, without a doubt Ethereum provides us with security scalability operability the support of the main development group in the blockchain Ethereum Foundation at the head of one of the brightest minds in crypto such as Vitalik Buterin

Having resolved the technological scaffolding What provides security, scalability and operability, I am sure that we must simply focus on the adoption of the asset, the currency and the means of payment through CelCoin

very few crypto ecosystems apart from CelCoin have understood this, it is about seeing cryptocurrencies as a kind of foreign digital money that needs to be disclosed in order for its exchange to begin

but also understand that as an asset it can become an excellent means of investment and value store that can generate wealth

Yes, in addition to this, we focus on the international payment method and allow the currency to be used in electronic commerce platforms with other types of alliances

this in short is to fulfill the design the dream the vision what Satoshi Nakamoto wanted for bitcoin and altcoins

Part 3:


Does Covid-19 affect CelCoin’s plan map? What are the advantages and disadvantages that CelCoin encounters in the Covid-19 epidemic?

Fabian Ojeda CelCoin:
Offcourse, Covid-19 Pandemic affect all markets, but the cryptocurrencies like value reserve have performed much better than other types of assets

Fabian Ojeda CelCoin:
I believe that the potential as an asset that cryptocurrencies have has not really been exploited

Cryptocurrencies are a store of value and therefore the best financial results will always be generated in the long term

it should be an obligation to understand this and practice it and teach it

I love teaching spinners to become professional holders

remember that 10 years ago 10,000 bitcoins were exchanged for two pizzas of $ 40 USD… 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

Q2: :
In long term vision, i have no doubt about the potential of blockchain technology as well Bitcherry in the future since its is great. But, in short term, how will CELS team balance the conflict between investors’ profit and project ecosystem health?

Fabian Ojeda CelCoin:
markets are alive

recently an investigation showed that in practice the majority of crypto investors lack financial education

This is why many speculative and short-profit models are the Norm in the crypto ecosystem.

but we should convince ourselves that it is in the long term where the assets that become a store of value generate the best returns

ensel coin we are fully focused on teaching this

Q3: Erick Go || +62:
Do the $celcoin token holders have right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Fabian Ojeda CelCoin:
80% of the tokens are distributed among users

this ensures that the market is decentralized

However, we could say that we have a long-term vision of a crypto ecosystem such as celcoin becoming in practice a decentralized nation.

for this the celcoin orange Ambassadors program will be launched next year with that expectation and focus

Q4: 🌈Eulalia🌈:
I see that CELCOIN community is growing, but how can we user help you? How can we contribute out quota towards your success?

Fabian Ojeda CelCoin:
Simple but excellent question!!!

When investing in assets, be it livestock commodities, value stocks, financial products and obviously cryptocurrencies, I think that what the investor mainly forgets is that he must commit to his own investment and finally drive the adoption of the asset.

If everyone did this with any type of asset, even gold would not only have an annual average of 25

If each person who has bitcoin an alcoin in their wallet committed to their investment and promoted new users daily, it is clear that bitcoin would already be worth $ 1,000,000 USD

Q5: Gejwan:
Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to $Your platform and keep them long term.

Fabian Ojeda CelCoin:
More investing in Marketing, more AMA like this, more listing on exchanges

Activate the CelCoin’s Orange Ambassador in 2021

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